Google Ads FAQ

How will you access my google ads account?

You just need to add me to your Google Ads account or need your google account access.


How will you access my google ads account?

Unfortunately, I Cannot Guarantee Any Sales/Leads/Conversions. I can guarantee targeted and relevant traffic, clicks and views. Purchasing power is only in the hands of the visitors, which can’t be controlled.

Does it include Google Advertising Cost?

No, it’s not included. You’ll be billed by Google for the advertising cost.

Do I need a minimum investment to do advertising campaigns on Google Ads?

No, there is no minimum budget required to do advertising campaigns on Google, although if we have a bigger budget we can be present in more channels and have more campaigns through which to attract more traffic

How do you know which keywords work best for my business?

I’ll use different tools to carefully analyze your website, your competitors’ strategies and keywords, the market demand and the average cost per click of each keyword and use the best performing keywords in the campaign.

Aminul Islam


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